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Dolphin Show in Pakistan is organized by Dolphin Show International with the help of Pakistan Maritime Museum, which was a popular spot among the residents of Karachi and in association with UTRISH Dolphinarium International Company established in 1984. They Performed Dolphin Show all over the world i.e. USA, Australia, Canada, Egypt, Turkey, Kuwait, Dubai, Qatar, Malaysia, South Africa and many more. They have over 60 Mammals i.e Dolphins, Walruses, Sea Lions. The team comprises of many professionals, which includes Performers, Handlers and veterinary doctors etc. A team of 8 members that includes performers, handlers and veterinary doctors came to Pakistan. They brought with them one Beluga Whale, one Sea lion and one Bottle Nose Dolphin and conducted more than 130 Shows in Karachi, Pakistan.
Dolphin Show International brought once again in a lifetime entertainment for the citizens of Karachi and extended it towards the second season started recently due to overwhelming response. Dolphin show is scheduled to perform in Lahore and Islamabad very soon.


With the help of Pakistan Maritime Museum, the pool and area has been specially designed for the show. Special swimming pool with water management system has been built at the venue. The size of the pool is 50 ft wide, 80 ft long and 14 ft deep. All of the seats are cinema quality giving the best view to the stage and the pool itself. The arena pool area is open air providing the greatest comfort for the patrons. The show has received great response from public. Number of schools have already visited the show. The show is open 6 days a week, from Tuesday to Sunday.

Driving Directions

Morning Shows (School)

10:00 a.m to 11:00 a.m
Evening Shows Families 5:00 p.m to 6:00 p.m Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
Night Shows (Families) 8:00 p.m to 9:00 p.m Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

For more Information:

Contact: (92) 021-36011090
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    The Dolphin Show takes place 6 days a week, from Tuesday to Sunday.

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